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As a portfolio manager for National Bank Financial, Paul Vorstadt offers clients a wide range of services, including estate planning, general portfolio management, and wealth management. In his spare time, Paul Vorstadt enjoys playing hockey and golf, and he has served as co-chair of the golf tournament for St. John’s Rehab in Toronto.

Here are a few tips on how golfers can improve their driving distance:

Assume the proper stance—When golfers address the ball, both the shoulder and left foot should be facing in the direction of the target. The left foot should also be positioned directly beneath the left shoulder at a 45-degree angle.

Don’t swing too hard—As golfers bring their clubs back to begin the backswing, they should remember not to swing too hard at first. The movement should be performed at a normal pace, as rushing the backswing can interrupt one’s timing, which in turn can hinder a golfer’s ability to hit the ball farther.

Don’t grip the club too tightly—When attempting to add distance, one’s grip on the club should be firm but not too firm. If judging on a scale from one to 10, the grip should not exceed a five.

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